The Simplified System for Perfect Photography

My name is Joshua Dunlop and, the first thing you should know about me is... I am not a professional photographer.

I’m not a world-renowned photographer either.

I take some pretty darn good photos, but I don't work as a photographer.

I never went to college and I don’t have a degree in anything.

In fact, the only thing I consider myself an ‘expert’ about is...

I Can Help Almost Any Photographer Understand Their Camera & Take Great Pictures In A Very Simple Way...

I know it, because I did it.

Flashback to February 2010, a full year before ExpertPhotography even existed, I was on a trip to visit family in Northern Ireland.

We were sitting around the dinner table at my Aunt Linda’s when, as usual, my young cousins started to get restless. They got up from the table and started running around the living room.

With dinner over, Aunt Linda and I thought it would be fun to capture some photos of the kids with the rest of the family.

But as I was snapping away, I noticed Aunt Linda wasn’t having fun.

She kept looking at the new DSLR camera she had been given for Christmas, fiddling with the buttons and dials as she fought (and lost) a battle for control.

That's the trouble with photography...whether it’s the sun in the sky or a child running through the living room, subjects rarely stay in one place for long.

Unfortunately, my Aunt Linda learned that lesson the hard way. At the end of the evening, when we compared photos, the results weren’t pretty. She had missed out on capturing a really fun night.

Whereas I managed to shoot dynamic, funny, and action-packed photos that left my whole family begging for prints, it was a different story for Aunt Linda.

For starters, she forgot to change her settings from the last time she used the camera, so the first 50 photos were underexposed and completely useless.

When she did change the settings, she selected the wrong focus mode, so the majority of her photos were soft and blurry.

Even though she used the camera’s auto white balance, the pictures came out horribly orange, with totally unnatural skin tones.

Eventually, she gave up fighting with her camera, instead defaulting to full-auto mode.

When I asked her why, she gave me a ton of excuses…

  • “My camera isn’t as good as yours, I need a better lens…”
  • “My kids and my job keep me so busy. I don’t have time to learn how to use manual mode…”
  • “It’s too dark in here. Only professional photographers can work with light this low…”


The truth is, she didn’t know how to use her camera. Because she hadn’t (yet) developed a photographer’s instinct, she couldn’t think on her feet.

I decided then and there I wanted to help. Even though I only had one week left in Ireland, I committed myself to helping Linda master her camera as quickly as possible.

I wanted to teach her all the secrets of fantastic photography that I’d spent years learning. Things like…

  • check
    The most common mistakes beginner and intermediate photographers make that ruin good photographs...and how to break the cycle of flat, boring, and average
  • check
    How to get perfectly exposed photos...100% of the time and without giving it a lot of thought
  • check
    The little-known secret most pro photographers use to take stunning photographs in low light (hint: you'll never be able to do it on full-auto mode)
  • check
    Why histograms are a photographer's best friend...and how to use them to immediately improve your photographs
  • check
    The trick to establishing beautiful framing in every photo, even if there’s only a single point of interest and the scene is actually kind of boring
  • check
    How to say goodbye to soft, blurry scenes once and for all...just by learning to choose the right focus mode
  • check
    The photography techniques most beginners completely over do...and the number one thing to avoid if you don’t want amateurish, clichéd shots
  • check
    And...most importantly... how to really master any camera so you never again miss a shot...

By the end of the week, my Aunt Linda had completely transformed as a photographer.

Not only had her photos vastly improved but she finally felt worthy of her expensive gear, and felt confident shooting life’s precious moments.

In a short amount of time, I was able to teach her the most important ‘hows’ and ‘whats’ of great photography, and I want to do the same for you too.

I’ve read dozens of books on the subject of photography, written hundreds of blog posts, and spent countless hours making mistakes while trying to decipher how to use different cameras.

I learned everything I know about photography the hard way, because there wasn’t any better option...until now.

After helping my Aunt Linda completely transform her photography, I realised something about myself:

I have a knack for explaining photography in a way that makes people actually get it.

So I decided to put everything I know -- and everything I taught Linda -- into a single course.

It’s called "The Simplified System for Perfect Photography", and it contains everything you need to know about using your camera to capture amazing photographs, in simple, easy-to-understand language.

Here’s just a few of the things you’ll learn...

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    Take beautiful photographs with the camera you already have lying around... even if it’s not the best or fanciest around
  • check
    Say goodbye to your camera’s factory settings, making the camera work for you no matter the light or scenario
  • check
    Develop an intuitive sense of how to use aperture, shutter speed, and ISO, making the right decisions about settings without feeling frazzled
  • check
    Unlock the camera features professional photographers rely on to create perfect photographs 100% of the time
  • check
    Express your artistic side through composition, depth of field, exposure, and movement, creating your own signature look
  • check
    ​Regain your passion for photography, building confidence in your skills after every video

It’s possible to take amazing photographs, 
with the most basic camera...

Even if you're a total beginner, and you don't have a lot of time to spend!

If you’ve tried to learn photography before, you’re probably thinking, yeah right.

But I have hundreds of students who agree that I’m on to something...

Richard Skinner

My basic Canon camera is so much more enjoyable to use now that I have completed your course. Now I understand Manual mode is awesome and simple if you just get out and Shoot!

Marie Kerr

Since watching these videos my photos are so much better. Now when I go out, my camera is always with me!

Fredrik Olofsson

“I absolutely LOVE your video course. I have learned more these few days than I have for over 3 years with my camera.
I’m a very pleased customer. Thank you so much!”

You probably think taking amazing, vibrant photographs requires years of practice…

Or capturing stunning, share-worthy memories means you have to hire a professional photographer …Or you need to invest thousands of dollars in heavy, complicated camera equipment to get that once-in-a-lifetime shot…

You couldn't be further from the truth.

You could keep doing the same old thing you’ve been doing, but will anything really change?

If you’re sick of your camera gathering dust and are ready for photography to be fun again, I want to show you a new EASY way to take photographs…I’ll share things like...

  • check
    The essential rules of composition pro photographers live by...and the ones they’re not afraid to break
  • check
    How choosing the correct metering mode will make all the difference when it comes to image quality
  • check
    ​What some of the world’s most famous photographs have in common (and has nothing to do with the photographer’s camera)
  • check
    Why boring photographs don’t have to be…and how you can start adding depth, drama, tension, and emotion to your pictures
  • check
    What confident photographers know about their camera’s focusing systems...and how to do it so you never miss a shot
  • check
    ​How to select the gear that’s right for you...and say goodbye to the clunky, heavy pieces that are weighing you down
  • check
    Why you need to develop a photographer’s instinct...and how to do it without wasting thousands of tedious, frustrating hours on trial and error.

I Wish I Could Take All The Credit For This, But…

I went out and interviewed EVERYBODY I could find who was capturing beautiful photographs, asked a ton of beginner and intermediate photographers what frustrated them about photography, and spent years developing, testing and refining The Simplified System for Perfect Photography.

You know what I learned?

Most people seem to think that they need a better camera or lens.

But that simply isn’t true because I know for a fact that you can…

Use the camera and gear you already have to create the jaw-dropping photos you’ve
always dreamed of taking

The truth is, you just need to understand the logic behind a few, basic processes and concepts, then everything else falls into place.

You could spend days, months, or even years reading about photography…

Or you could let me show you how my 1-2-3 system really works. Watch a SHORT video. Take a quiz. And practice what you’ve learned.

The essence of my course it that it’s short (only about three hours long), and broken up into bite-size videos (no longer than about 12 minutes each).

That way, you can learn something new, go out and take better photos, right away, and then come back and learn something else.

It seems so simple…

By focusing on one concept at a time, using a ton of really clear examples, and creating time for immediate practice, my students end up really getting photography - in just a few short hours.

Jonjo Gallagher

“You are doing a great job explaining it all. I would recommend your course to anyone, beginner or intermediate, who wishes to improve their photography and their understanding.

Thanks for making it so much clearer.”

Leah Bijker- Smith

“Josh, you live too far away to give you a hug, but I’m so happy I stumbled across you and recommend you to all my connections. Keep talking.”

Marshall Vest

“I wasn’t sure what I’d be getting, if anything. In retrospect, it was well worth the money. Josh’s materials were perfect and I’m having a blast…Well worth the investment in time and money…”

With NO fluff and NO B.S., The Simplified System for Perfect Photography only focuses on the raw, real deal information you need to take better photos.

I’ve condensed EVERYTHING I know about cameras and photography, and broken it up in to 26 short video course.

Here’s what you can expect:

  • check
    ​Learn what exposure has in common with Chinese Checkers with 5 dedicated lessons covering aperture, shutter speed, and ISO
  • check
    Win the battle for control of your camera by mastering different metering, shooting, and focusing modes
  • check
    ​Practice using lines, triangles, visual weight, and the rule-of-thirds to add interest and draw the viewer in
  • check
    Gain confidence talking shop with a true understanding of crop factor, focal length, and gear like polarizing filters
  • check
    Learn my tried and tested personal system for setting up my you never forget to change the settings
  • check
    ​Get tailored advice for taking your photography to the next level, from finding clients to shooting your first paid job as a pro
  • check
    See every concept in practice, with dozens of example photographs that isolate and illustrate each concept perfectly
  • check
    Get access to an engaged community of Expert Photographers on 2 secret Facebook Groups with more than 5,000 students

In addition to the videos, I’ve added quizzes and notes to reinforce what you learn, taking care so you don’t ever feel overwhelmed by the technical side of photography.

And I also have a comment section for each video, so if you ever need to ask me anything at all about what you've just watched, you can, and I'll get back to you within 24 hours.


  • check
    ​Never again missing out on capturing a precious memory because you were busy fiddling around with the camera
  • check
    Taking photographs you’re proud of, and actually want to share with your family and friends
  • check
    ​Letting go of the myth you need to spend thousands of dollars to be a great photographer
  • check
    Finally understanding your camera, and getting it to do exactly what you need to capture spectacular pictures
  • check
    Confidently taking landscape, portrait, wildlife…any kind of photograph
  • check
    ​Shooting in low light or bright light, and knowing exactly how to handle it
  • check
    Understanding the ‘hows’ and ‘whys’ of a photograph, so you can analyse your work and make shot-by-shot improvements
  • check
    Mastering advanced concepts with ease, like conveying emotion and tension in every shot
  • check
    Taking photographs that actually look the way you imagined they could...and being able to do it over and over again
  • check
    Finally seeing eye-to-eye with your camera

Here's The Best Part...

Students love how fast and easy my courses are to understand, and how they’re able to improve their photography within minutes!

But what people find most valuable is being able to do it on their own terms….having me guide them every step of the way.

Here's what they have to say...

Julie Barela Mills

The ease of being able to watch each of your videos (most often during my lunch hour) – one by one – and at my own pace, as well as taking the quizzes; I can honestly say what “fun” there is in taking photographs again!

Claire Bennet

I seriously thought about taking a class at the local college, but my disability would cost me precious class time. There are days when I know that I would have to miss classes because of pain, but with your tutorials, videos, and articles, I can now take my time, and learn at my own pace and time frame!

Anyway, Here's The Bottom Line:

I’ve had years of trial and error and spent hundreds of hours pouring over books, interviews, and my own notes to put The Simplified System for Perfect Photography together.

And because I know how much it helps photographers, I want to get it in as many hands as possible.

I’ve priced my video course at only $247.00 so it’s within reach of anyone who wants to really master photography.

And  because I want to gather as much feedback as possible, I’m offering a discount…for now.

No messing around: you can have my Simplified System for Perfect Photography for only $97.

Photography is expensive enough, and you could spend thousands of dollars on new gear that would literally make absolutely no difference in the types of photos you’re able to take.

If you think about it, this course is a drop in the bucket compared to what you could spend...and unlike the big camera companies, I can actually promise this investment will make a massive difference for your photography.

Expert Photography’s World Famous 90 Day Guarantee

Get the Simplified System for Perfect Photography right now and try the information out.

If it isn’t the most valuable, practical, and easy-to-understand camera course you’ve ever seen…and you DON’T start taking better photos, let me know by email and I’ll refund ALL OF YOUR MONEY, even if it’s 90 days later.

No questions asked.

You’ve got a full 90 days to see how it works, start getting the same JAW-DROPPING RESULTS as my other students, and finally stop feeling flustered by your camera.

But I know it won’t take nearly that long.

Here’s how to order: To have instant access to The Simplified System for Perfect Photography delivered right to your inbox, just click the orange “Add to Cart” button below:

Get Instant Access to “The Simplified System for Perfect Photography” Online Now

YES, I want in! I want access to this video course right now...

Introductory Price: $247$97

EXCLUSIVE BONUS: Once You’ve Learned To Control Your Camera, What’s Next?

Once you’ve mastered your camera, learned the basics, and have developed your photographer’s instinct, I think you’ll want to focus more on composition.

I wanted to give you a leg up and help you to take even more interesting photos, so I’m throwing in another course I made, which I was going to sell for $97.

It’s yours, FREE, if you buy today.

In the course we cover the seven most popular topics of photography…

Landscapes- Capture stunning shots of the world around you by selecting the right gear, the right settings, and the right timing for perfect shots. I’ll also give you my personal secrets for harnessing weather patterns to create awesome landscapes.

Portraits- ​Find out how portrait photographers set up their cameras, and pose their subjects (paying close attention to one simple turn of the face), and learn why natural light often works better than a flash.

Black and White-Learn the biggest mistake B&W photographers make in the digital age and get the best results by focusing on form, shape, structure and contrast.

Night- Finally understand why night photography is so much fun...and how to start taking some of your most impressive shots ever. Learn to set up your camera properly and kickstart your creativity with unique ideas for lighting.

Low Light- I’ll share my personal system for prioritizing aperture, shutter speed, and ISO in low light so you can start shooting moody, ambient scenes with ease.

Sunset- Find out all the considerations that go into a perfect sunset photo, and how to choose location, time of day and year, weather, and camera settings to capture the mood and colours like the best of them.

Capture What You See- Continue to build on one of the most important skills in photography, and learn my answer to the question, “How can I capture what I see through my viewfinder?”

After you complete the Simplified System for Perfect Photography, this Bonus Course will help you enter “the big leagues” of photography. Just click on the "Add to Cart” button below and it’s yours...

Get Instant Access to “The Simplified System for Perfect Photography” Online Now

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PS. I’ve peppered some testimonials throughout this letter, but I’ve got more than I can handle so I’m leaving some more for you here…

Just in case you need to hear from a few more students who are completely amazed by the results they’re getting, read on…

Caroline Story

Your videos are GREAT. It’s Magic and I’m finally understanding it. I can’t believe this.

Steve Tucker

“I’m not a gushy guy or bow down to false gurus, but since finding you (completely by chance) and your instructions, courses and tutorials, my whole photographic world has changed and opened up dramatically.”

Susan Nelson

“I’ve had my camera for two months and it has been overwhelming. Your courses have been a breakthrough.”

Get Instant Access to “The Simplified System for Perfect Photography” Online Now

YES, I want in! I want access to this video course right now...

Introductory Price: $247$97

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