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Confession time: if it weren’t for a chance encounter with my parents’ long-time friend Robert, I never would have written this page and you wouldn’t be reading it right now.

When I think about it, it’s kind of crazy how a chance encounter can have such a huge impact on hundreds of amateur photographers.

But I’m getting ahead of myself…

You see, a few summers ago, I was in my hometown of Brighton, England.

I was in between projects and enjoying a rare, leisurely visit with friends and family when I ran into Robert, an amateur photographer with endless enthusiasm.

Robert and his wife had both recently retired, and were chomping at the bit to embrace their newfound freedom.

Their first order of business was a cruise to one of those once-in-a-lifetime photography destinations: Antarctica.

They’d planned and saved for the trip for years, and Robert was practically bursting with excitement talking about the soaring icebergs, desolate islands, and out-of-this world sunsets he planned to shoot.

And the new gear he’d bought to capture one of the most unexplored places on our planet.

His passion was contagious, and I got completely caught up in it; I made him promise to share his photographs as soon as he returned, and eagerly checked my Facebook feed in the days following his trip, waiting to catch a glimpse of what he’d captured.

When Robert finally did post an album online, the photographs weren’t what I expected.

Frankly, I was shocked by what I saw.

Here was a guy who had mastered the basics of his camera, could shoot in manual mode, and could chat to me about exposure and depth of field until the cows come home.

And yet, when I looked at the photos he’d taken, they were average…at best.

Most of the photos were boring, dull, and lifeless.

The highlights were blown out, and the spectacular, multi-hued whites and blues of the ice were indistinguishable from the overcast sky.

Even worse, he’d resorted to using cheap tricks, like over saturating the photos and using cheesy filters to cover up what I suspected he knew to be true:

He'd blown his chance to capture some of the most unique landscapes out there.

When I finally saw Robert a few months later, he confirmed what I expected.

After the polite chitchat was out of the way, he admitted he was massively disappointed in his photographs, and hadn’t touched his camera since the trip.

He’d spent so much time preparing, so much money on the trip, and thousands of dollars in new photography gear, and was crushed by the lacklustre results.

Even worse, he couldn’t figure out what had gone wrong, and had completely lost his motivation and momentum.

How Robert Got His Groove Back

I completely empathised with Robert, and honestly felt really badly for him.

So I invited him out to shoot with me for a few hours the next morning, thinking nothing more than maybe I could jump-start his passion for photography again...but we ended up spending the entire day together.

What started out as two photographers keeping each other company while shooting turned into a hands-on lesson in landscape photography.

I ended up teaching Robert everything I know, sharing the exact system I use to take spectacular landscape photographs every time I pick up my camera.

Over the course of the day, I shared the tips and tricks I’d spent years developing and refining.

Things like…

  • The simple trick I rely on to create perfect lighting conditions in every photo...even when the sky is overcast and conditions are less than ideal
  • How I cope with different weather conditions, and why I actually love shooting in the most horrible, miserable storms I can find
  • The aperture ‘sweet spot’ I rely on when shooting landscapes to create crystal-clear clarity across the majority of every photo I take
  • How I leverage the power of lines, triangles, and thirds when I’m framing landscapes, and the one thing I look for before deciding to break the rules
  • The cheap, lightweight, and easy-to-find piece of equipment I always carry with me to capture shots that require precise timing
  • How I imagine the photo I want to create before I even touch my camera, so I know exactly what to do when the time to shoot comes
  • The one question I always ask myself when I’m setting up a landscape photograph...and how it can immediately improve the quality of any picture
  • How I choose the right lens for every scene, and what my go-to focal lengths are for 99% of my landscape photography, and so much more

While we walked around and shot Brighton, we talked a lot about photography, and I gently questioned Robert to understand what went wrong in Antarctica.

As he talked, I had 3 huge ‘light bulb’ realizations…

  • His problems were totally normal for an amateur photographer trying to make the transition into gallery-worthy landscapes...
  • His problems were the exact same problems I had experienced when I was working to improve my landscape photography...and getting massively frustrated by the boring, overly technical books available to learn from...
  • His problems were totally fixable, and could be fixed easily, quickly and with no boredom...if he had the right teacher and the right methods...

I bet if I asked 100 amateur photographers what their biggest challenges are when it comes to landscape photography, almost all of them would agree with at least some of these common problems.

Do you...

  • check
    ​Feel like you’re reacting to the landscape and conditions around you, rather than proactively constructing the shot in your mind and using your camera as a tool?
  • check
    Find yourself so focused on a scene’s details that you forget to consider the big picture of composition, and how everything works together?
  • check
    ​Feel completely overwhelmed by the range and cost of gear available, not knowing where to start when it comes to filters, lenses and tripods?
  • check
    Struggle to know what to prioritise when making technical decisions about camera settings, such as sharpness or exposure, or motion or depth?
  • check
    Feel intimidated by post-processing software, choosing to use freebie pre-sets rather than taking control of the massive power of Lightroom and Photoshop?
  • check
    ​Find yourself exhausted by the sheer number of things you have to learn to get your landscapes to the level you want?

That day, I helped Robert overcome all of those all-too-common problems, and showed him exactly how I went from taking average, boring landscape photographs to the unique, gallery-worthy pieces of art that I’m able to capture today…

And I used an incredibly simple method to do it:

  1. I’d show him something…
  2. He’d ask me some questions…
  3. He’d practice it a few times…
  4. Bam! He’d really ‘get’ it!

By the end of the day, Robert was a totally different photographer:

He had a smile on his face, and was once again full of ideas and inspiration…

He was finally mastering the techniques, rules, and intuition needed to capture stunning sunsets, seascapes, and landscapes

He had the confidence to tackle challenging lighting, difficult movement, and tricky focusing scenarios…

And he knew his photos would come out looking exactly the way he imagined them…In just one day, Robert got his landscape photography groove back, and was able to…

  • check
    ​Create gorgeous lens flares in-camera, using aperture and the time of day to create a stunning, mood-setting effect without post-production tricks
  • check
    Add rhythm and emotion to every single photo, using my step-by-step instructions to make it happen easily and intuitively
  • check
    ​Take professional-grade panorama photographs, applying advice about percentage overlay and avoiding a ‘kiss of death’ mistake
  • check
    Master his camera’s focusing function, keeping it laser focused whilst taking a series of several hundred photographs
  • check
    Draw the viewer’s attention into the frame in a way that’s interesting and natural, using tricks of composition to make his photos genuinely engaging
  • check
    Get the deepest depth of field and clearest scenes possible through precise control over his camera
  • check
    Create gorgeously smooth water, capture ‘starlight’ effects, and use many more specialised techniques confidently and correctly
  • check
    Make his photos pop by using the best workflow, tools and techniques when post-processing in Lightroom and Photoshop and a lot more...

He had gone from de-motivated and totally lacking in confidence to a competent landscape photographer who knew exactly what to do with his camera…

He was practically bouncing off the walls when he saw how interesting, well-lit and well-composed his photographs were. 

That Day Totally Changed My Business…

The old Robert was back, and I couldn’t believe I’d played a role in finding him!

That night, I was so excited that I went home and wrote down everything I know about landscape photography.

And that’s how Limitless Landscapes was born.

If you…

  • check
    ​Have ever tried to capture breathtaking landscape photographs, only to have your images come out dull and underwhelming...
  • check
    Or spent hours framing shots that follow all the rules of composition, but turn out frustratingly flat and average looking...
  • check
    ​Have lost your passion for landscape photography, and are ready to reignite your enthusiasm for capturing the beautiful world around you...
  • check
    Or are sick and tired of spending hours deciphering the technical jargon in boring photography books, only to forget everything when you actually go out shooting...

I can help.

The thing is, I have a knack for helping all types of photographers understand all types of cameras…

Cut through the technical BS of most photography books and courses…

Make confident and quick decisions about the best gear and settings for the style, conditions, and scene they’re dealing with…

And take insanely beautiful landscape photos that will make your friends’ (and paying customers’) jaws drop.

And I have hundreds of happy students to prove it…all thanks to Robert.

I never would have thought to put in the hours and hours required to build Limitless Landscapes it if it weren’t for Robert...

But after taking the time to really understand his challenges, thinking back on my own challenges, and talking to other landscape photographers about the biggest challenges they face…

I knew I had to create this course.

I Know You’re Probably Wondering…

"What, Exactly, Is Limitless Landscapes?"

I started by grouping Robert’s main problems into four categories, creating a course that specifically addresses the common challenges amateur landscape photographers face when they’re trying to take their images to the next level:

  1. Your Gear – This section is all about the specific considerations landscape photographers face when it comes to cameras and lenses, tripods, cable releases and filters…including tips for shopping so you get the best value for money
  2. Taking Photographs – We review ‘the basics’ and go through step-by-step instructions for shooting different styles across common weather conditions, so you can capture the most pristine snowscapes, spectacular storms, gorgeous sunsets and everything in between
  3. Composition – You’ll build an intuitive sense of which rules of composition apply in which scenarios, so you can create emotive, engaging photographs…and feel confident during those times you choose to break the rules
  4. Post-Processing – These tutorial videos cover the best tools and workflows for colour and black & white processing in Lightroom and Photoshop, helping your photos pop without transforming them into something totally unrecognisable

Before you get too excited, I feel like I should warn you… Limitless Landscapes is not for everyone.

It was designed with a specific kind of student in mind, so if you…

  • ​Love reading boring, highly technical photography books that you need a PhD in camera-building to understand
  • Get annoyed when you’re able to immediately practice and implement what you learn
  • ​Find short, simple videos where the person talks to you like a friend or family member strange or uncomfortable
  • Are not interested in seeing a dramatic improvement in your photography
  • Think taking stunning landscape photographs should be difficult and reserved for the professionals
  • ​Are not interested in getting peer support from thousands of amateur photographers, just like you, on a secret and highly engaged Facebook group...

Then Limitless Landscapes is definitely not for you.

If, however, you’re like most amateur photographers, and you’re ready to…

  • check
    ​Finally understand your camera as a tool for capturing stunning landscape photographs, and know exactly which lens and filters to choose for every scenario
  • check
    Master foundational concepts like aperture and shutter speed, and gain an in-depth understanding of how they apply to and affect your landscape photographs
  • check
    ​Avoid the most common mistakes new landscape photographers make, like where to focus your lens to get the best clarity (hint: not on infinity)
  • check
    Get recommendations to the websites and apps I actually use when I’m location scouting, so you can plan in advance for the best lighting and weather conditions
  • check
    Follow step-by-step instructions to master tricky shooting scenarios, like shooting directly into the sun and dealing with snow, rain and lightning storms
  • check
    ​Gain an intuitive sense of the settings you need to capture the most vibrant sunrises and sunsets, create beautiful panoramas, and create stunning night landscapes
  • check
    Confidently select the right compositional tools for each situation, using the precision of an architect and intuition of an artist

Then Limitless Landscapes is tailor-made for your needs...

The thing is, I know how much this can help you…

That’s why I’ve tried to keep it reasonably priced at only $247.00, so it’s within reach of almost everyone who really wants to take their landscape photography to the next level.

I say this all the time, but it bears repeating:

Photography is expensive enough, and you could spend thousands of dollars on new gear that would literally make absolutely no difference in the types of photos you’re able to take.

Remember Robert’s cruise to Antarctica? That’s exactly what happened to him.

What will make a difference is investing in the techniques you need to finally start taking the best landscape photographs of your life… and I can actually promise this investment will help you.

Because this course is still relatively new, and I want to keep gathering as much feedback and as many testimonials from real students as possible, I’ve discounted the course…for the time being.

For a limited time, I’m offering Limitless Landscapes for only $97.

Shop Risk Free With My Guarantee

I’m completely confident this course will make a massive difference in your landscape photography.

In fact, I’m so confident, I want you to get the Limitless Landscapes course right now and try the information out.

If it isn’t the most valuable, practical, and easy-to-understand landscape photography course you’ve ever seen…and you DON’T start taking better photos, let me know by email and I’ll refund ALL OF YOUR MONEY, even if it’s 90 days later.

No questions asked.

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Get Instant Access to “Limitless Landscapes” Online Now

YES, I want in! I want access to this video course right now...

Introductory Price: $247 $97

I’m Not Even Done Yet…

Over time, I’ve thought-up even more skills, tips and tricks, and ideas I want to get into your hands…

The kinds of things that – once you’ve completed all the landscape photography videos, practiced the concepts, and are taking insanely gorgeous photos – I know you’ll be asking for.

So I’ve gone ahead and created 3 Bonus segments, and added them to Limitless Landscapes…for free. Think of these as my gift to you:

Bonus # 1: Paint With Light
If you’ve ever wondered how people get otherworldly lighting like in this photo on the right

.…even though the scene is pitch black…

Or how professional photographers create those awesome headlight and taillight streaks when they’re shooting cars and cityscapes at night…

You’ll love my Painting With Light bonus. I’ll show you the exact settings and tools you need to get this specialised, but surprisingly easy, technique…so you can get busy taking unexpected, creative, and inspiring night landscapes.

Bonus # 2: Get Featured In Galleries

Once you’re taking professional-quality landscape photographs, I expect you’ll probably want to start collecting professional-level paychecks…

Or at the very least, dip a toe in the world of photography galleries.

I’ll help you to understand the most important things that matter to gallery owners, and how to give them what they need on the first meeting to get featured and start selling your work.

I’ll also explain the different levels and methods of pricing that gallery owners typically use, so you can be prepared in advance…

And get the best possible deal when selling your photographs.

Bonus # 3: Get Inside My Head with 5 Case Studies

Because I understand the power of applied learning, I’ve gone through some of my favourite all-time landscape photographs and built 5 bonus case studies – almost 1 hour of video content – to show you exactly how I shot and processed each photo.

My students love these case studies, because it solidifies what they’ve learned throughout the course, and helps them see my photographer’s instinct in action, on real-world examples.

Get Instant Access to “Limitless Landscapes” Online Now

YES, I want in! I want access to this video course right now...

Introductory Price: $247 $97

I'm INSANELY Proud of This Course

Actually…I was proud of this course when I debuted it to Robert, but now I’m over the moon with it.

You see, I’ve had hundreds of students go through the curriculum, and they’ve given me the type of wildly positive feedback that is completely beyond my expectations or wildest dreams.

I love that I’ve been able to help so many students, like Lynne S., Richard, Rick, Alfonso, Tammy, Hector and Lynn T.

Lynne Sharp

I have over a dozen books on Photography, but they very seldom tell you what settings to use or to experiment with. Just sharing an idea is one thing, giving up the secret to get a reciprocal photo, is another.

Richard Skinner

Wow! Your lessons have helped me start thinking about my camera settings before I even pick up the camera. As well as what is important in the image I want, and how to get it! Thanks.

Rick Eckenrode

If you would like to learn photography without a load of BS thrown at you, or some self-absorbed “photographer” preaching to you, buy this course! Josh has a genuine interest in helping you improve your knowledge and skills. Plus it’s an enjoyable experience.

Alfonso Eslava

Thank you very much Josh. Simple and to the point. Superb.

Tammy Hayes

Of all the videos I have watched, yours has been the only one I have purchased simply because you make it easier to understand. You make it easy to understand what you are talking about with tips and tricks and the videos are not so long that one wants to go to sleep.

Hector Rivera

This is a comprehensive course with excellent video quality that explains the techniques of landscape photography very well.

Lynn Taylor

It was worth the expense and is put in layman’s language that is easy to understand!

Get Instant Access to “Limitless Landscapes” Online Now

YES, I want in! I want access to this video course right now...

Introductory Price: $247 $97

Anyway, Here's The Bottom Line:

Like all my courses, I’ve designed Limitless Landscapes to be fast and easy to understand, so you can improve your landscape photography in minutes, not hours.

My students love being able to watch the video, practice the concepts, and pause, rewind and rewatch as necessary

And I’ll be there every step of the way to help you, answering any questions you have within 24 hours.

And in addition to more than 1 hour of bonus video content I told you about before, I wanted to throw in one more thing to sweeten the pot just a little further.

When you get this right now, I’m going to give you my ‘7 Days to Better Photography’ course, which I normally sell for $147.00.

This course covers my most jealously guarded secrets, which I normally only reveal in person at live workshops.

But it’s yours now, for free, with Limitless Landscapes course.

Get Instant Access to “Limitless Landscapes” Online Now

YES, I want in! I want access to this video course right now...

Introductory Price: $247 $97

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